Hi, I'm Stuti. I design & build
user interfaces.landing pages.corporate websites.web applications.

My Expertise

I have been creating beautiful content since 2013.

My Work

MSN Money

  • Front-end development

Developed structured feature pages like the Currency Converter. Click the image to see it live!

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“Stuti was a dynamic team-mate to work with. She understood the requirements of the project perfectly and delivered timely content. The project was a success due to our combined team efforts!”
Amrita Rout, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Bootstrap Website

  • UX design and Development

Utkarsh is an upcoming music creator from New Delhi, the website is a portfolio of his work.

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“Quality work by Stuti. I needed a minimal digital presence which she helped with. Thanks!”
Utkarsh S., Sofar Sounds

Developer portfolio

  • UX Design and Development

Built the developer portfolio using custom javascript but with a minimalistic design.

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“Stuti helped me get new clients with a unique, modern responsive website. She does great work.”
Feef Anthony, Freelance Mobile Developer

Advanced Javascript

  • UX Design and Development

A beautiful musical circles game, where each key press generates a unique sound and a random color circle on the screen. Try it out!

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